Funtasty Stretchable Hard Candy Bracelets - Party Favors - Fruit Flavors, Individually Wrapped, 21-Ounce Bag (40 Count)

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  • Funtasty Hard Candy Bracelets in Assorted Fruit Flavors; 21-ounce bag; 40 individually wrapped pieces per order
  • Our hard candy bracelets not only offer vibrant fruit flavors but also bring a touch of playful elegance with each piece
  • Each hard candy bracelet is stretchable, and with individual wrapping, they maintain freshness, making them suitable for sharing or enjoying on the go
  • Transform your snacking experience into a stylish game; unwrap, wear, and savor the delectable flavors one piece at a time
  • Suitable for candy buffets, party favors, or as charming additions to themed events, these candies add a touch of sweetness to any occasion