Hearts and Lips Gummy Candy, Bubblegum & Strawberry Flavors

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  • Red Hearts and Pink Lips sugar-sanded gummy candy; Choose your candy with our pick-your-pound option—whether you're in for a delightful 3 Pounds, a fabulous 5 Pounds, or a candy lover's dream with a perfect 10 Pounds.
  • Our classic gummies have a soft texture and irresistible Strawberry and Bubblegum flavors
  • Take a bite and enjoy these outrageously familiar sweet flavors in exciting hearts and lips forms
  • It's a great gift for significant others; red hearts and pink lips are sure to make it clear you are into them
  • These gummies are a must-have for Mother's Day Gift, Valentine’s Day candy exchanges, holidays, birthday parties, anniversary dates, and wedding celebrations
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