Coconut Drops Filled Hard Candy, Individually Wrapped

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  • Coconut Filled Candy: Delicately crunchy candy shells are filled with a delectable coconut filling. Enjoy the refreshing tropical coconut flavor in these gluten-free hard candy treats.
  • Individually Wrapped: Every piece is individually wrapped, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Great Treat: These candies make a great gift for that special someone with a sweet tooth. Share them with your family, or bring them to work to pass out to your friends. Also, they make a fine addition to any candy buffet.
  • What You Get: Choose your candy with our pick-your-pound option—whether you're in for a delightful 3 Pounds, a fabulous 5 Pounds, or a candy lover's dream with a perfect 10 Pounds.