Cherry Sours Chewy Candy Balls

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  • Cherry Sours Chewy Candy Balls; Choose your candy with our pick-your-pound option—whether you're in for a delightful 3 Pounds, a fabulous 5 Pounds, or a candy lover's dream with a perfect 10 Pounds.
  • This chewy candy is crafted to perfection, offering a burst of cherry flavor with just the right amount of puckering tartness
  • The bold, authentic taste of ripe cherries and satisfying chewiness of our candy will elevate your taste buds to new heights
  • Whether you're satisfying a sweet tooth craving, enjoying a movie night, or adding a burst of flavor to your day, these Cherry Sours are the perfect choice
  • Bring joy to gatherings, parties, and holidays or simply spread the love with friends and family by offering them a taste of this delectable treat; it makes for a thoughtful and tasty present for Valentine’s Day and Christmas