PartyWorks Halloween Candy Assortment - Fall Variety Pack 3 Pounds

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  • PartyWorks Halloween Candy Assortment; 3-pound bulk bag; approximately 240 pieces per order
  • Elevate your Halloween experience and relish in the joy of the season with our Halloween Candy Variety Pack
  • This Halloween candy bag features the nostalgic charm of Tootsie Rolls, TWIZZLERS Rainbow, Canel’s Gum and the juicy satisfaction of Fruit Chews, Fruit Chewy Lollipops, and Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • Whether you're indulging on your own, sharing the enchantment with friends, or delighting trick-or-treaters, these fun candies are sure to please
  • This product has been repackaged by PartyWorks, which is not affiliated with the original manufacturer or manufacturers of the repackaged products