Hostess Hard Candy Assortment, Variety Pack 3 Lbs

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  • Quality snacks sweet tooth-pleasing treat that everyone can enjoy any time of the year! Keep this delicious assortment in a candy bowl on your table to add some excitement for all
  • Our candy mix consists of Arcor (honey filled, crystal mint), fruit filled bon bons in 4 flavors (strawberry, grape, orange, raspberry)
  • It also includes Butter 'n Cream hard candy, ginger drops, butterscotch discs, primrose honey bee candy, creamy swirls in strawberry cream, lime pie flavors and more
  • Perfect for any occasion; assorted candy is ideal for serving at company gatherings, reception areas, boosting office morale, impressing guests, holiday celebrations and at any other special occasions that require a sweet assortment of candy
  • What you get; pack of 3 pound; approximately 140 pieces per order; candies may vary