Hi-Chew Reduced Sugar Fruit Taffy Candy - Mango, Strawberry Flavors - 1 Pound Pack

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  • Hi-Chew Long-Lasting Reduced Sugar Fruit Taffy Candy; 1-pound bag; approximately 90 pieces per order
  • All the immensely fruity intensely chewy candy experience you love, but with 30% less sugar in a form of long-lasting Mango and Strawberry taffies
  • The unique formulation of this candy uses dietary fiber (Inulin) and other ingredients to reduce the sugar content all while maintaining the same great fruity taste and chewy texture of original HI-Chew
  • This candy pack is fun for birthday party favor bags, pinatas, office bowls, movie nights, rewards, event giveaways, parades, Halloween bowls, Thanksgiving celebrations, Christmas stockings, and Easter baskets
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