HERSHEY'S KISSES HUGS & KISSES Milk Chocolate Valentine's Candy Assortment, Bulk Pack 2 Pounds

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  • CrazyOutlet HERSHEY'S KISSES HUGS and Milk Chocolate Candy Assortment Bulk Pack, 2 Lbs
  • You'll love the delectable combination of HERSHEY'S milk chocolate hugged by white creme, paired with classic KISSES milk chocolates. These candies make great party favors and table displays, and delicious additions when baking your favorite cookies
  • A Great Gift for Valentines Day. Perfect for wedding and baby shower decor and favors
  • Great Value! Individually wrapped Candy Mix approximately 200 pieces per order
  • Packed by CrazyOutlet, retail bulk packing. Pack of 2 Pounds
  • This product has been repackaged by CrazyOutlet, which is not affiliated with the original manufacturer or manufacturers of the repackaged products.