Gustaf's Licorice Allsorts Candy, Assorted Flavors Bulk Pack 2 Pounds

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  • Quality Snacks: Allsorts licorice from gustaf's is sweet licorice in different shapes, colors and layers. Allsorts licorice is not only tasty but fun to eat as well. Shapes include straws, sandwiches and buttons
  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: This colorful allsorts mix brightens up the classic licorice flavor This assortment of snack sized pieces makes the perfect sweet treat for any licorice lover
  • Perfect for All Occasions: This candy is ideal for any occasion such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, parties, sweet tables, work, school, movie nights, holidays, family gatherings, and many more
  • Bulk Candy: Packed by CrazyOutlet, retail bulk packing. Pack of 2 Pounds