Funtasty Kool-Aid Popping Candy Assorted Fruit Flavors, 40 Count Bag

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  • Kool- Aid Popping Candy in Assorted Fruit Flavors; 40 individual pouches
  • Experience an explosion of flavor and fun with Kool-Aid Popping Candy in three mouthwatering varieties: Tropical Punch, Grape, and Cherry
  • No matter which flavor you choose, Kool-Aid Popping Candy offers a unique and thrilling taste sensation that will keep you entertained and satisfied
  • Use them as a fun addition to party favor bags, share the excitement with friends during movie nights, or keep a stash for yourself to enjoy as a playful and tasty treat
  • Carry it in your bag, pocket, or backpack, and enjoy the popping fun wherever and whenever the mood strikes