Eda's Sugar Free Hard Candy Sour Mix Naturally Sweetened, Bulk Pack, 1 Lb

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  • SOUR FLAVORS: A sugar free hard candy in assorted Sour flavors including Cherry, Lemon, Green Apple, and Orange. The candy is made with sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that is metabolized by the human body slower than other sugars. Sorbitol comes from fruits such as Peaches, Prunes, Pears and Apples.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Gluten-free, Kosher Certified, Naturally Sweetened, Zero Net Carbs, No Aftertaste - Sugar free candy is a great alternative for candy lovers who are diabetics or watching their sugar intake.
  • ALL OCCASIONS: This Fruit Hard Candy Mix is great for any occasion, including Parties, Birthdays, Holidays, Candy Bowls, Pinatas, office snacks and so much more!
  • GREAT VALUE: Individually wrapped Eda's Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Hard Candy 1 pound per order
  • WHAT YOU GET: Packed by CrazyOutlet, retail bulk packing. Pack of 1 Pound, approximately 150 candies
  • WARNING: Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect.