Mystery Box Chocolate Candy Assortment Favorite Brands, 3 Pounds

  • $34.99
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Do you love the convenience of home delivery and the delight of getting candy in the mail? What if we could even add a moment of mystery to it? If you are excited about all the written above, let us introduce our Mystery Candy Box option. 

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This Box offers 3 pounds of candies that most customers are familiar with.

The contents will be similar to what you see on the product picture, but remember that since it’s a mystery box, we change the contents every time to be a surprise. We can only promise that:

  • It will be worth the price
  • It will be full of amazing famous brands candies
  • It will please a wide variety of personal tastes

Wondering what you'll find in yours?!


This box is unsuitable for individuals with food allergies or food restrictions.