Candy Buttons Strips Cinnamon Flavor - Extremely Hot - 1-Pound Pack (48 Sheets)

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  • Extremely Hot Cinnamon Candy Buttons Strips; 1-pound pack; 48 sheets per order
  • Each strip is adorned with a tantalizing array of bite-sized hot cinnamon candy buttons, arranged to create a visually captivating tapestry
  • As you peel off a button and place it on your tongue, prepare to be enveloped in a wave of intense cinnamon flavor that will awaken your senses
  • Beware, these are not your average cinnamon candies - this is an intense, fiery experience that pushes the boundaries of spicy sweetness
  • Whether you're challenging friends to a spicy showdown or looking to add some excitement to your candy collection, our Cinnamon Candy Buttons with an extremely hot flavor will not disappoint
  • Packed by CrazyOutlet.